Request for Personal Assistance

Dear Gentle Readers:

I am most blessed to be in touch with you through this wonderful world of blogging.  Today I am asking for your help!

Last week I started some baby steps in a new treatment protocol (called a Pretox Treatment Protocol) for mercury toxicity.  The program is based upon the brilliant  work of Dr. Chris Shade and Quicksilver Scientific.  I am exceedingly grateful that my family doctor attended a conference where Dr. Chris Shade had presented on mercury toxicity.  Dr. Shade developed mercury speciation testing and specific treatment regimes to open elimination pathways in the body of inorganic- and methyl-mercury.  I completed several lab tests including their  Tri-Mercury test and their Blood Metals Test is now in process.  After suffering nearly 3 hellish years with daily seizure attacks and numerous failed approaches, we finally have hope for complete recovery.

The only problem is that I am having difficulty tolerating the Pretox Treatment Protocol!  No surprise there:  I react to everything these days.  So here is my request:

Would you kindly contact Quicksilver Scientific and ask for a special consultation for me with Dr. Chris Shade?  The company is exceedingly busy with expansion and Dr. Shade’s speaking schedule so a little extra noise might be helpful.  Here’s the link to their website and where you can leave a message with my name and email address ( be sure to convert to an email address the following with numbers instead of words and “”:  psalmthree4eightonezero@yahoodotcom):

I made this video for Dr. Shade to illustrate exactly what mercury poisoning has brought into our lives over here and my dilemma:

My husband Steve and I are hopeful that I am going to get well!  We are exceedingly grateful for prayers and support of everyone and look forward to the day when we can celebrate together all that the Lord has done in this season of our lives.  He is good.  All the time.  He is good!

Thank you for your consideration.

Take care,

Just Julie

8 thoughts on “Request for Personal Assistance

  1. Thank you ladies and I do pray the Lord graces you with goodness this day too.

    Mini Update: Monday I talked to the compounding pharmacist on staff at the company whose testing and protocol I am using. He was very helpful and recommended some adjustments in the pre, pretox phase of mercury chelation. I’m hoping a GABA/l-theanine product comes in the mail tomorrow so I can get started calming down my central nervous system to tolerate the treatment protocol. I’ve had these compounds before but in different forms. Hopefully liposomal and sublingual delivery will make a difference? Lord, please! The nights continue to be hell. In the words of the singer Barry Manilow, “could this be the magic at last?” Lol. JJ

      1. Aww, thank you for asking! The new treatment was a bust and set me back with some wretched episodes this past week. Thankfully I was able to get out with my hubby for dinner today to celebrate Thanksgiving and our anniversary (Monday). Taking things one moment at a time and trying not to panic this holiday weekend. The bigger picture contains recovery now and I hope to contact some folks “in the know” next week . . . God is good, all the time, God is good, eh?

    1. Hi my dear Person, I don’t see a way on the public access section of the website to request a consultation. They are really backed up with things so, due to the severity of my symptoms, I am trying to get help a little sooner! Hope they understand? :JJ

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