Mercury Toxicity Overview

For a great overview on mercury and how it may impact health please see the website of Quicksilver Scientific, LLC:

What’s up with mercury?

As you can see, mercury in all of its forms can wreak havoc on virtually every aspect of the human body.  While chelators such as zeolite or DMSA can be used to remove mercury from the body, I have been able to tolerate then receive profoundly better results boosting my body’s own detoxification system with the Quicksilver Scientific (QS) protocol.  Here is Dr. Christopher Shade of QS providing a brief overview of this state-of-the art protocol:

The process of lowering the body burden of mercury begins with accurate testing.  Typical blood metals testing & hair analysis provide a measure of methylmercury in the blood (the type found in fish).  Also of concern would be inorganic mercury (the type found in dental amalgams) which is typically measured by urine tests.  As stated in the video if the kidneys are not working correctly (or in the presence of a leaky gut condition) then the person may not be able to remove mercury effectively through either drainage channel.

Mercury speciation testing was developed by Dr. Shade to determine the health of the kidneys and liver/gut before attempting removal of the two types of mercury.  If these drainage channels are found to be blocked then support measures can be taken before detoxification begins for greater success, savings of time and money, and if using traditional chelation, avoid the risk of mercury re-distribution back into the body.  Here is more detail about the Tri-Mercury Test that directed my own success in mercury detoxification:

Tri-Mercury Test

Finding a healthcare practitioner trained in mercury detoxification is critical to success.  Mercury is a poison that requires a slow, methodical detoxification plan.  When persons experience increased negative symptoms during treatment, the practitioner can guide the patient in modifying the plan, adding additional nutritional supports, and investigating presence of other infections or diseases that might need to be addressed before proceeding further (such as Lyme disease or mold illness).

A great place for further support is the Quicksilver Mercury Detox Group on Facebook.  There you will find resources and encouragement as you navigate your own journey towards healing.  We try to set a tone of support, a little fun here and there, clinical-research based education, and frequent, free webinar trainings from Quicksilver Scientific.  As the founding, volunteer Administrator of the group I have no formal affiliation with the company and receive no compensation.  I’m just a fellow sojourner working towards recovery too!

We are going to get well!  JJ

UPDATE:  The Q Group disbanded shortly after I left as the Founding Administrator.