A Occupational Journey

Making lemonade out of lemons, so to speak, started with the launch of Trinity Jewelry by Design in August of 2012. I sold the shop in 2015 to make way for my new company, Two Step Solutions. Where I have landed is in another direction altogether!  Here’s the story.

The Lord inspired me in July of 2012, to create bracelets with 3 beads to signify the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit: the Trinity of God. I chose sparkly beads to reflect light, much like the light of our Lord. In the Bible we read that God our Creator alone will be the source of light in the world to come: the New Jerusalem. Throughout the Bible light is used to depict His truth and holiness. These ideas came when planning what to make for the gals of a missionary family who were visiting us on their furlough from Africa. After our time together, the ideas kept flowing and I started making Trinity Bracelets while confined to the couch during the onset of a serious illness two months later. Trinity Jewelry by Design had begun!

So what would be the my business plan for Trinity Jewelry by Design? Creating knotted hemp and leather jewelry became my passion, introducing me to customers across the globe and six local events including craft/art shows. Today I am grateful to have also helped promote the jewelry of Christian ministries helping families at risk find work crafting jewelry. For 3 years I had come full circle: making lemonade out of the “lemons” of life and championing the same of others.

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TJ by D display at the Fiber Arts Fest, Solomon Farm, March 2015

This was just like my profession of occupational therapy. Even back in 1996, the Lord guided me in starting my first business when recovering from an auto accident. The “Living Safely” program was a community education program that provided a wonderful journey for that season of my life, culminating in a videotaping with a professional camera crew from the Oprah Winfrey Show. Yeah. Our God is BIG! Two Step Solutions LLC attempted to build on that experience in addition to expertise as an occupational therapist in home health care. However due to complications of serious illness, I was never able to develop this business beyond my informational website and first drafts of an eBook, Caring for the Sandwich Generation at Home. I closed these projects in the late winter of 2021 after realizing my calling in more of a volunteer role as an Extension Master Gardener.  This is better for me in this season of my life.  I’m still kinda fond of my TSS logo though so here it is for your viewing pleasure!OT, occupational therapy, home safety, durable medical equipment, what's new, DME, HME, medical equipment, company logo, logo, two safe solutions, two step solutions

The Lord has crafted my role as an Extension Master Gardener. I started the MG class before I got sick on October 11, 2011 then struggled to complete the volunteer hour requirements. Ultimately I did receive my badge and find many adaptive ways to pursue gardening in my community; these included educating, helping others through various projects that have served to carry me through the past 9 years. I am grateful to be the Editor of our county’s monthly publication for EMGs entitled Across the Fence and to have participated in many gardening projects in our community (often late in the evening or at night!). These activities gave me a purpose, an identity outside of those as a person recovering from an extended, serious illness. Finding a meaningful occupation has helped to structure my time, break the isolation of recovery, help me to learn new skills, and perhaps encourage others I have met along the way to do the same. I had something else to focus on and that is a good thingy!

To God be the glory for the journey He has ordained! In the words of legendary Occupational Therapist, Mary Reilly, “Man, through the use of his hands, as they are energized by mind and will, can influence the state of his own health.” So true! I am grateful to the Lord for the truth in this statement as manifest in my own occupational journey. Do what you can with what you have where you are. And if it’s green then you have crafted more to enjoy in life than perhaps what has gone before you. For after all, life began in the Garden of Eden.

To God be the glory! JJ

Huntertown Family Park Rain Garden built with a team of community and Extension Master Gardener volunteers

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