The Tale, The Test

Once upon a time in a land of giants, lived a woman searching for a dream.  The tall buildings and tall tales of love had left her scorned . . . what now to believe in?  “Who can I trust with the tender desires of my heart? she pondered.  And what would she do to make some sense of this story of hers that has not turned out like anyone had planned really?

Once upon a time in a land of lakes and rivers, backyards that you can really afford, and the modest building of boxes, lived a noble man.  He too had been scorned but by a shrewy one, shrinking his honorable stature in society and beyond.  And what will he do to calm the distant tempests of this life, to live in peace no matter what may come?

As fate would have it, the two dreamers met over the wires one cold Wintry day.  He warmed her with his intellect and she him with her remaining spark.  The love between them grew with passion, with promise of a happy ending together one day maybe soon.  So they married.  And life was good in the land not far away.

She learned to love the countryside, the bearded natives, the giant heart of her Sterjoy.  For in his arms she found love like no other.  “Jesus with skin on,” she would say.  Her night in shining aluminum for sure was now here.

He learned to love the green of the earth, the richness of organic life, the sweet spirit of his Jaboo.  For in her keeping he found respect as the man, the leader within that would emerge over time.  His delight he spoke of often; her delight to receive.

They found things in common:  to write, the open water, a furry Pupster too.  Road trips were a perfect match for his love to drive through the night with her lunchbox that was filled with all of their favorite things in tow.  Their families said, “at last!” and even the kids eventually came around as well.  Theirs was something unique crafted just for these years as all could see.  Their heartache had melted into a life that was lovely to the praise of the Lord who brought them together indeed.

Their biggest moment came four years later; no one saw it coming that fateful night.  ‘Twas a mystery at first as to why she was so sick and then why it would last so long.  They struggled and prayed, they searched and laid hands, they cried and they celebrated when hope would come for a little while at a rest stop in their lengthening journey.

Then things got uglier and she seized relentlessly day after night!  She reached for her Sterjoy with angst and often no words would come but the love between them would endure nonetheless.  He continued to slay dragons then try to minister to his wife late into the darkness without fail.  The toll was palpable yet they lived on, trying and hoping only to have their hearts thrown against the wall time and time again.  Herein was THEIR TEST.

Some tests take 2 hours, some longer, up to the duration of your life.  How will you respond when the buttons in the fabric of your character are pushed into your soul?  Most of us won’t know until it happens to us.  And if we make it to the other side who will care when it’s even worse at the next one waiting beyond:  oh no, it’s here again, the next trial?  When all you know matters not with the tears that collect on your worn sneakers that you are sure can take you no further, no further, I said no further, you are done!

They pondered and prayed some more.  They searched the Scriptures of Life.  Fellows held them up then held them out for a blessing, for respite, and neither seemed to come as the sunrise cast into its fall.  Then they realized that there were wounds in their hearts that their love had blinded them to . . . placing them on the chopping block or maybe for ransom and neither was able to make it different: oh my, just how?  They had done all they knew to do, that which prayer and inspiration had taught.  But it was their woundedness that needed to go first you see.  It had to leave whether she would realize her last breath or not.  To go on would require this.  How to keep the music playing in their hearts for each other was the real test right now!

So being the faithful man of God, Sterjoy separated the shrewy from his Jaboo.  He placed both on the throne of grace and turned his face to Jesus Christ for Thy will to be done.  He waited again.  He trusted in the Lord over all then waited and waited once again.

She being the receiver of the Spirit’s voice, obeyed in a way like never before.  She trusted even in the time when crisis came around again:  like a weak muscle that got worked but had only brought forth a crawl thus far.  And as she would trust and trust some more until her mind won over her heart, until both of them became strong.

Their story has yet to end while one thing they now know for sure.  The trials of this life are never wasted when the Lord carries you through in his chariot of grace, of love, and His promise for so much more.  Those two lovers hold out for the hope of heaven and know there they both will find rest.  Their love will be perfected by the Giver whose thoughts exceed the sands of the beaches where their lives have taken hold.

This day she has learned to believe her beloved and he, the heart of his dear one.

couple at sunset, couple by the shore, kissing, sunrise, couple at sunrise, Christian marriage, Christian couple

Gentle Reader, this story is a perfect image of the Groom as He envelopes His bride of Christ, His holy church.  How fitting a tale.  How fitting a test for us all. Sterjoy and Jaboo will live happily ever after one day without tears for trusting in the One due our complete respect:  our Lord in shining honor! He is here for these precious ones in their time of need. He is there for you my dear friend too.

Oh yeah. JJ


When in doubt, take a nap!

Gotta Sleep Some More!
Gotta Sleep Some More!

I must apologize for the wacky edits on this posting!  I’m on a borrowed computer, borrowed time.

The Bible tells us that man makes His plans and it is the Lord who orders our steps.  Proverbs 16:9.  Indeed. I was hoping to do so much yesterday in my home to help my husband and myself.  Today marks 2 weeks of displacement from our home, first from a vacation then second due to complications of Lyme Disease.  Yesterday I had hoped to return home for a few hours wearing my trusty pink respirator mask and pack up the Christmas decorations with the help of a dear friend.  Er, no.   Instead my husband and I suddenly moved me out of the hotel and into the home of a sweet family and their baby.   I had to leave the hotel because the furnace wasn’t working and the maintenance guy triggered the spewing of burning electrical wires into my room trying to fix it.  We temporarily moved to another room in the middle of the night and 5 degree weather just to sleep.  Just seizure attacks this time, in both rooms, no neurological collapsing and a temporary headache.  I guess that’s good?  Still, time to move on again!

This family where I am is as sweet as it gets.  I am safely tucked away in the gun room with the worldly possessions of a nomad all around me.  We could make this work.  Only problem is that I woke up with a dozen seizure attacks this morning.  What could it possibly be now?  I had unplugged the electrical cords wrapping around the bed and it bought me another hour of sleep.  This is a newer home with no known history of water or mold damage.  Is it the smell of gun oil?  Or the new insulating drapes on the window?  Lord, have mercy.  I gotta live somewhere! Time for a nap then a Dr. appointment later this afternoon.  Maybe the Lyme Literate Medical Doctor (LLMD) can help me figure it out.  My husband and I are at ourwits end.  I have tasted relief for 36 hours a couple of times in a few of the ELEVEN BEDROOMS in which I have slept this past month until something noxious happened.  All I want is somerest.  Is that too much to ask?  Well maybe I really want to be well.  Maybe I want it all.  Yeah, that’s it. Must be time for a nap . . . on the couch!

Stay tuned.  By now this blog is reading like an action-packed work of fiction with just enough plot reversals to keep us all guessing — and you are my editors, gentle readers.  Let me know if you have any ideas, eh?  Seeya later!  :J

My Prayer Today

The rascally rabbit won and I lost.  Big time.  Two days have gone by and I’m just starting to move about the house.  Guess rabbit is not good for my nerves or anything else.  The weird diet needs to be adjusted!  At least the dog likes it!  Dogs can eat anything ya know . . .

My prayer today is for this nightmare to end.  I asked my hubby Steve if he thought there was something I was to learn from this illness that I wasn’t getting?  He said that maybe it’s like Job (of the Old Testament).   Job lost everything except His wife and a few skeptical friends when the Lord allowed Him to be tested.  God wanted to show Job’s faith to a conniving Satan and gave Satan free reign to destroy Job, but not kill him.  Job endured:  he did question God at one point then quickly humbled himself before God Almighty when God spoke to him.

Job had it much worse than I could ever imagine.  Covered in boils, heartbroken from the loss of all of his children and possessions, and all at a time when he had been living a God-honoring life.  My year-long illness, loss of my parents and brother, abusive childhood, heartache when my former spouse took so much, condo fire, and throwing up 12 times Tuesday night still did not compare to Job’s losses.  And I doubt my faithfulness compares either.  I am too quick to complain.  I am too quick to want more.  I am too impatient at times.  And I just ain’t grateful enough.

The Lord has grown my faith, softened my heart over the years.  He has blessed me, restored me beyond measure.  I have so much for which to be thankful.  So why do I want more? Why do I want it all and right now?  I believe it’s because we are all hard-wired to want something that we cannot have in this life.  We are created to seek that which can only be satisfied in the person of Jesus Christ, in loving Him and letting Him fill our thoughts and times of longing.  While I do seek Him continuously, I must let more go at the foot of His cross AND LEAVE IT THERE!  He is worthy of my praise.  He is honored when I go to Him with my hurts and needs.  He loves me and knows my heart, I know.  I must trust Him even when I cannot see Him clearly.  My faith must grow even more.

Writer Sarah Young understands this process well in her book, Jesus Calling.

Because the world is in an abnormal, fallen condition, people tend to think that chance governs the universe.  Events may seem to occur randomly, with little or no meaning.  People who view the world this way have overlooked one basic fact:  the limitations of human understanding.  What you know of the world you inhabit is only the tip of the iceberg.  Submerged beneath the surface of the visible world are mysteries too vast for you to comprehend.  If you could only see how close I am to you and how constantly I work on your behalf, you would never again doubt that I am wonderfully caring for you.  This is why you must live by faith, not by sight; trusting in my mysterious, majestic Presence.

So I am in the middle of a Great Mystery, written by my Father and King.  My prayer today will now change to learn to rest in His care until His truth, purposes, and blessings are revealed.  Like an adventure of sorts.  I wouldn’t stop reading a great book of fiction in the middle chapters when the antagonist is winning and the protagonist is lying shredded on the ground.

Yeah, it’s not that bad.  Time to take a shower now.