When in doubt, take a nap!

Gotta Sleep Some More!
Gotta Sleep Some More!

I must apologize for the wacky edits on this posting!  I’m on a borrowed computer, borrowed time.

The Bible tells us that man makes His plans and it is the Lord who orders our steps.  Proverbs 16:9.  Indeed. I was hoping to do so much yesterday in my home to help my husband and myself.  Today marks 2 weeks of displacement from our home, first from a vacation then second due to complications of Lyme Disease.  Yesterday I had hoped to return home for a few hours wearing my trusty pink respirator mask and pack up the Christmas decorations with the help of a dear friend.  Er, no.   Instead my husband and I suddenly moved me out of the hotel and into the home of a sweet family and their baby.   I had to leave the hotel because the furnace wasn’t working and the maintenance guy triggered the spewing of burning electrical wires into my room trying to fix it.  We temporarily moved to another room in the middle of the night and 5 degree weather just to sleep.  Just seizure attacks this time, in both rooms, no neurological collapsing and a temporary headache.  I guess that’s good?  Still, time to move on again!

This family where I am is as sweet as it gets.  I am safely tucked away in the gun room with the worldly possessions of a nomad all around me.  We could make this work.  Only problem is that I woke up with a dozen seizure attacks this morning.  What could it possibly be now?  I had unplugged the electrical cords wrapping around the bed and it bought me another hour of sleep.  This is a newer home with no known history of water or mold damage.  Is it the smell of gun oil?  Or the new insulating drapes on the window?  Lord, have mercy.  I gotta live somewhere! Time for a nap then a Dr. appointment later this afternoon.  Maybe the Lyme Literate Medical Doctor (LLMD) can help me figure it out.  My husband and I are at ourwits end.  I have tasted relief for 36 hours a couple of times in a few of the ELEVEN BEDROOMS in which I have slept this past month until something noxious happened.  All I want is somerest.  Is that too much to ask?  Well maybe I really want to be well.  Maybe I want it all.  Yeah, that’s it. Must be time for a nap . . . on the couch!

Stay tuned.  By now this blog is reading like an action-packed work of fiction with just enough plot reversals to keep us all guessing — and you are my editors, gentle readers.  Let me know if you have any ideas, eh?  Seeya later!  :J

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