Here I sit

Here I sit

Broken hearted

Trying to s__

But only farted!

And so goes the rhyme of 9 year-old boys and their older sisters!  It’s a little funny and a little sad for me right now.  It’s like our waiting for answers in the next step of my treatment process that is wearing heavily on my beloved, Steve, and me.  The stress is crushing.  We cannot do much but endure the next few days until the next consultation.  I am having to puree foods to keep the chewing motion of my jaw from triggering convulsions.  And still they happen on their own regardless.  This keyboard is my closest friend tonight.  Thank you for being here.  You are:

   2 Good

+ 2 Be


4 Gotten!

Love to all, JJ


4 thoughts on “Here I sit

  1. Julie, praised be to Him that you know a possible cause…finally. Yes, it’s not easy to be patient, however so happy that you are finding answers.
    Thinking of and praying for you.

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