Do You Know Him?

He’s so dreamy.  I mean that if I close my eyes it’s like I can imagine soft blue eyes looking lovingly at me, telling me He knows me just as I am, He loves me just as I am, and He will always be the love of my life.

He’s so tall as well.  He towers over me and it is good as He protects me, carries me when I collapse, lifts me up when I am weak, and draws me up close to His warm embrace.  Somehow I feel taller and stand straighter when He is near.

He’s so strong.  It’s as if I can feel the strength of His arms, His words, His promises to me and all good things whether or not He is actually present.   Makes me stronger too.  I can face this or that, good or bad, when His strength goes before me.   Always.

He’s so smart.  He knows what I am thinking even before I say it or I might raise an eyebrow or lower a tear!  Wow.  That goes beyond intuition, friendship, or our times together getting to know one another.     He crafts many special times for me that may look questionable at the time, yet if I but trust Him, it all works out o.k. over time.   It’s like He’s always known me and knows what is best for me.

He’s so encouraging.  He brings me to the window to see the bluebirds back at the bluebird house this Spring before the little cutie flies away and would otherwise be missed.  What a wonderful encouragement on a day that starts in the afternoon!  Oh and His words are filled with hope and promise of a better day in addition to the reminders of our sweet times together in the past too.  Thank you for helping me to remember.

He’s so thoughtful.  He reminds me of the blessings of many days gone by when my stinking thinking has gone to a place of darkness.  He also places in my path the loving arms of my hubby when my Stevers would normally be at work already and not able to calm the shaking of my tender frame.  He allows him to become like Him with skin on.

He does want the best for me.  Like a perfect father, like a perfect grandparent, like a best friend, he will be with me now and forever, leading me on to be the best woman I can be if I but follow Him.  He’ll let me know what I need to know if I but wait at His feet with an open heart, an open mind.  What an adventure we have together!

Yes, this person is my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  He is real.  He is in my heart now and forevermore.

Do you know Him too?

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