The Difference a Day Makes

Each day since leaving town last week, suddenly by the way, has brought renewed health and hope.

Briefly:  my husband Steve and I had an opportunity to travel and get me out of our house with mold damage so off we went!  Within 48 hours I was 60% better!  We are amazed and encouraged for the first time in over a year.  This is HUGE.  No more collapses & inability to walk and limited seizure attacks.  No more stomach aches and limited headaches.  No more nightmares and the foot burning, ringing in my ears, muscle aches,  insomnia, and profound fatigue are significantly reduced.  We are praising the Lord and hopeful for the rest of the journey to healing.

Our next 2 months will be focused on the restoration of our house from replacing carpeting to cleaning window treatments and surfaces in our home.  I will need to live away from the house {and my beloved 😦 }beginning with our first night back in Huntertown, Indiana in two days.  There are many unknowns, including if our insurance company will help us at all; some visible mold is in an area that was not properly cleaned after water damage in January of 2009.  The expenses are frightful.  Then we will retest our home and see if I may return.  By that time we will know the status of my husband’s job . . .  Treatment for Lyme Disease can now begin.

So much to be thankful for and so much to lay before the Lord.  In this moment, I am humbled.  We desperately cried and prayed for direction and the Lord has provided both and more.  God is good.  All the time.  God is good.  Be encouraged.  He is still on the throne!

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