Enemy Number Two

moldimagesEnemy number one is the author of all that is evil, Satan himself.  Fallen from the angelic realm, he roams the earth tempting and taunting everyone.  Unless we claim the righteousness of the Lord Jesus Christ, we will have no defense against his schemes nor against sin.  With faith in Christ, we are free from the penalty of sin (which is death), receive the gift of the Holy Spirit, and our eternal life begins with the triune God.  Whether I live or perish in this earthly life, I have eternal victory in Jesus Christ.  Enemy number one is defeated.

I have a new enemy in my life and it is not Lyme Disease.  Enemy number two, superseding all other hassles is mold.  Mold is making me sicker and sicker every day.  Turns out that the floods in our home when our water softener filter broke, twice, have introduced this dangerous neurotoxin into our master bedroom and bathroom.  We got a good look at some of it tonight when my husband, Steve, shined a flashlight under the bathroom cabinet.  Greenish blue spots splatter the wooden base that backs to the garage (and where the water softener is located).  The next step is to pull up the carpet and examine the pad, drywall, and wooden base in the bedroom.  Geez!  No wonder the ERMI (household DNA test for mold) exceeded the scale values.  We have a serious problem!

Sick building syndrome and mold exposure can mimic the symptoms of Lyme Disease or worsen them.  Initially I wondered if the mold exposure complication I was suspecting was from working some years ago in a moldy old hospital Aurora, IL.  Certainly I had chronic sinus infections back then, with the sick leave eventually complicating my job situation.  This newer exposure leads me to wonder if this is why I have had such a rough time treating Lyme Disease?  Is this why I am  struggling even more since ingesting mold (microbial rennet) in Gruyere goat cheese this past week?  Well with this discovery, we not only have a serious problem, we might have a solution!

Steve and I are implementing some survival strategies while we investigate the matter further.  We wonder if our homeowners’ insurance will cover repairs and we wonder how to protect me and everyone in our household from further mold exposure?  Can I stay here?  Thankfully, I will see my Lyme Literate Doctor this week and this will be a center point of our discussion for sure.  I’m feeling very sick these days.  Thank you for hanging in there with me as we prayerfully proceed.

Since the Lord has given us victory over enemy number one, we know that He will grant us grace, mercy, and peace with “enemy number two.”  And this night, I will be keeping my eyes fixed on Him.  Oh Lord, grant me your gracious mercy, yes mercy please.

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