The leopard print scarf in the bed

Perhaps it is the sheerness of the fabric that adds allure to the leopard print scarf in the bed with me this evening?  After all the fine braided fringe is as delicate as it is a bit racy draped from my waist, a little off to one side.  Yeah that was fun while I was upright earlier today!  I accepted the compliment from the only homo sapiens of the female genre that saw it.  Oh how I love a great twist on the ol’ oblong scarf look!

But this look continued long after bedtime and not for any reason other than I was not in any shape to return it to the scarf organizer.  So after a wretched series of breakthrough convulsive episodes I finally had the fine motor skills to untie the knot and remove it.  I rather like it draped around my neck in the wee hours of the morning as I sit here blogging in my partial day-wear, partial night-wear.  That’s in style, right?  The ultra casual look of pajama-like fabrics with a twist of animalistic flair?  Sigh.  O.k. It’s just plain weird, I know . . .

The part of the evening that went extraordinarily well was our new Skype Bible Prayer Group.  I am blessed to join a couple of lovely ladies, fellow bloggers for a bit of gaggle, scripture, prayer, and more gaggle.  It’s almost like having them over for a cup of bullet-proof coffee-n-coconut cream (my fav!).  If you too are largely homebound or isolated and want to join a couple of gals on Thursday nights who love the Lord, please contact me via this blog.  We are praying for the gals who may join us in the future; could it be you?  I will also help put together a gentlemen’s group if there is interest then bow out.  Please don’t sit there alone if there’s a tug on your heart to get back into some uplifting fellowship, k?

So some things are a little wild around here as I tweak a new treatment plan for mercury toxicity.  Steve and I are hopeful, really hopeful.  Healing crises are often in the mix of these kinds of things so we will hold on to the promises and cross of our Lord, Jesus Christ as we proceed.  Who knows?  I may even start a new bedtime fashion trend in the meantime!  Who says leopard prints are only for daywear anyways?  Tee hee.  Now I know where your mind just went and I’ll bet your beloved would agree to join you there.  Maybe it’s time for a little spice in this journey too?  Hmmmmm.  JJleopard cub


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