The small things matter too

My holiday weekend will be measured by small things, small joys.  And these are no less than the big trips, celebrations, fireworks, and gorgeous mountain views from my friends on Facebook.  Here are the things that matter most to me:

A view out a bedroom window that captures the emergence of the giant hibiscus flora.

The sweet look of concern from our furry friend when she knows what’s up and how to love with her eyes.

My beloved who can live in the moment with me no matter what life brings.

I made it through the time that needed to pass while awaiting a medical appointment on Tuesday.

The creative block with Trinity Jewelry by Design broke through with a new bracelet design and a bunch of cute variations with more to follow soon.

Tending to the William Battin roses that exceeded my expectations early this Summer.

Witnessing the promise of a bumper crop of cucumbers to redeem the poor showing with the cool Spring last year.

Time to relax with Steve at home, to review, to plan, to talk, to enjoy meals together.

A couple of phone calls with my brother who is making the most of a frustrating recovery from a stroke.

Long moments dwelling with my Lord in His Word yielding encouragement and refreshment for my soul.

A firework display from the comfort of our kitchen table, compliments of the neighbors next door.

Yes, the small things matter too whether you are recovering from a serious illness or not.  I’ll bet you can think of a few special things too?  I’d love to hear about them Gentle Reader.  Your words encourage my heart and I’d like to get to know you!  Take care,  Just Julie



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