Biotoxin illness not Lyme disease for me

As of yesterday and my second appointment with a biotoxin illness specialist, my hunt for healing will focus on biotoxin illness and not Lyme disease.  Perhaps you noticed awhile back that I changed the name of this blog?  Join me in finding “Hope Beyond” the challenges of today; for me this blog will always give the praise and glory to the Lord, Jesus Christ when victory comes . . .

I found a remarkable video on You Tube that summarizes mold and biotoxin illness.  Please look beyond the promo for his colleague’s book and his mentioning of “ME” or Myalgic Encephalomyelitis.  I do not have ME although I understand that biotoxin illness and ME are similar, much like fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome have similar manifestations.  Now that my diagnosis is clearer, I will be largely following the treatment protocol of Dr. Richie Shoemaker at: as coached by one of his trained physicians.

See whatcha think and let me know in the comments below.  There is hope!  Just Julie

6 thoughts on “Biotoxin illness not Lyme disease for me

  1. May I have the name of your specialist. I’m in MO and very limited. I’ve had lyme over 25 years and am disabled, home bound and bed ridden. I really need help and I’m not finding it. I’m scared and going downhill. Thank you.


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    1. Hi Rachel: Wow, I’m sad to learn of your ongoing illness, fears, and difficulty finding help. I see Dr. Yvonne Berry from the Natural Balance Wellness clinic in Ann Arbor, Michigan: Dr. Berry specializes in biotoxin illness, not Lyme disease. Have you ever tested you home or yourself for mold? It can make a tremendous difference. I’ll be praying for you! JJ

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