Give the gift of compassion

Know someone battling a serious illness and want to give them a meaningful and encouraging gift this Christmas?  Give the gift of compassion and a copy of

Hope Beyond Lyme:  The First Year  

Now available from and!
Now available from and!

Now it’s available in 9 different formats so you don’t even need an eReading device to download your copy for just $2.99!  To learn more go to: and be sure to click the “Give as a gift” link from any book page.  Smashwords will email it to your loved one immediately upon purchase.  If you would like it to be a surprise instead be sure to put your own email address where indicated, print it out when the order is complete and hand it to the person, well personally!

For Amazon Kindle shoppers, head to:

Discover from a fellow sojourner, my most meaningful and encouraging moments to share vignettes of understanding with your loved one battling a serious illness.  There is hope and with faith in God, we will find the true meaning and source of that hope.

Thank you, Gentle Reader, for helping to make this project possible!  Just Julie

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