An Attitude of Gratitude

Count it all joy, the Bible tells us, when trials come our way.  They serve to refine us, challenge us, and bring us closer to the Giver of all good things . . .
And sometimes it all works out well.

After almost 2 months of  headaches most days, the pattern has finally changed for the better.  The Lord used the skillful hands of my Family Practice Physician/Chiropractor/LLMD to gently relax then manipulate my neck.  This brings me to a freedom of movement that the seizure-like attacks have taken away increasingly over the past 6 months.  I don’t know how long it will last and it doesn’t matter in this moment.  We only have this moment to live in so I’m doing much better in this moment!

And some other good things have happened:

I was able to attend both the Sunday and Wednesday night worship services this past week.  Praise the Lord!  So what if I had to sit in the back or downstairs a bit due to my sensitivity to loud music.  (They really rock out at Harvest Fellowship!)  I was there and was able to be at my husband’s side to learn about our Jesus and His Word.  Sweetness.

Gratefully, I have now sold 21 pieces of jewelry in my first 2 1/2 months in business!  Trinity Jewelry by Design has touched the lives of folks across the country through many venues the Lord has provided.  Wow!  I have been invited to set up a display in a new gift shop venue in a touristy area of a local town, just in time for the holidays.  Cool beans.  My goal, Lord willing, is to also try hosting a table at one craft show this year featuring our entire product line.  Oh how I love craft shows and events!  There are even some rumblings of sharing the items of others related to my business style and theme online.  Much prayer needed, much hope provided.  :J

While some Lyme symptoms are quite troublesome, I have had a couple of 1/2 days this past month with very low level symptoms.  This has enabled me to be out and about, away from the house or out in the yard enjoying life a little.   Oh Lord, to be normal!  I am encouraged that things will be better someday.  It’s a long journey and as my doctor said today, we now have a path to follow.  How many people can say that when faced with chronic illness?  Thank you Jesus!

Today I was humbled in submitting my continuing education and volunteer hours for the Master Gardener Program at our local Cooperative Extension Office.  The Lord has given me the strength, despite my illness, to gather enough hours to advance to the rank of Master Gardener in January!  Will await final approval and the annual banquet recognition to use the title.  For this I must commend my husband for encouraging me to start with the class last year even when it meant cutting my part time work hours, not knowing the wild ride that would follow with illness into the next year.  Thank you for your encouragement Steve!

Also my thought processes have improved some and this blog has definitely helped.   Thank the Lord for the internet!  Good things are out there!  I feel less isolated now for sure.  Learning to blog built confidence that I would need to set up and online jewelry shop and all the linkages to make it go.  Nothing is wasted in God’s economy, I tell ya!  And today I found out that my Uncle David and Aunt Lori (my deceased father’s siblings) want to come and visit soon.  I am delighted!  Extended family contact has been limited to Facebook for me; now that all my grandparents, parents, and youngest brother are deceased the family relationships have changed.  I do miss the love and care of my family and the myriad of dynamics that goes with it.  Even in dysfunctional families, love can prevail over time.  I felt it today when Uncle Dave called.  Thank you!  I love you!  I look forward to our visit.

And what if none of this would have happened?  Well, the Lord’s fingerprints are sprinkled about here and there when I bother to look for them.  Foremost, I appreciate the love of my dearest Steve which is steadfast, unchanging.  And a sweet kiss or two on the ankle from my Elle pup are cute from under the kitchen table this afternoon too.    Then there was this bird on the bluebird house that caught my eye in our backyard.  Oh how I do hope the bluebirds stop by one last time before the cold weather comes!

I really could go on!  An “attitude of gratitude.”  How am I doing?  I am grateful for so much today.  How about you?

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