A New Day, A New Moment

This moment is the best one I have had in 4 days. Just wanted to share it with you! My Uncle Dave (from Brooklyn, Michigan) and my Aunt Lori (from Tarpon Springs, Florida) are coming to see me tomorrow. Very sweet. Praise the Lord and I’ll seeya later . . . so much to do. :J

One thought on “A New Day, A New Moment

  1. The 24-hour visit went quickly and sweetly! The spaghetti sauce with the homegrown tomatoes was a hit helping us to linger a little longer after dinner and up late into the evening. When my noxious episode kept me in bed until 2:00 p.m. the next day, there was still more sweet visiting as Christina came home and shared stories and artifacts from Southeast Asia with my Aunt Lori. Aunt Lori had her own pictures to show and tell too. Even Uncle Dave didn’t seem to mind not being able to go antiquing as we supplied him with a steady supply of car magazines: his passion next to reconditioned trucks, that is!

    We do seem to understand one another and give each other grace. Ahhhh, the benefit of the years. The old issues mellow and the love is more visible.

    Thanks again for a meaningful visit. I love you Uncle Dave and Aunt Lori. Missed you Aunt Monica. Maybe next time? :J

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