To be small

To be insignificant . . . is to be small

Yet being small is not insignificant.

Finding yourself last . . . is like finally getting up to bat in the bottom of the ninth inning

Yet the last at bat is not insignificant.

Not having gotten a word in edge-wise . . . can be an involuntary holding of the tongue

Yet avoiding many sorrows is not insignificant.

Remembering too late to make a difference . . . fuels the fire of regret in one’s belly

Yet preparedness at the Divine second chance is not insignificant.

Letting go of keeping score . . . might not win an argument in the moment

Yet grace under fire is not insignificant.

Waiting on the Lord for His perfect timing . . . feels like an eternity instead of the days

Yet joy in the morning is never insignificant when it comes.

And so I pray this night to be the humble . . . as one seen and still heard

By the One who makes me significant after all and says well done!

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