Clearance Sale: St. Patrick’s Day or Lyme Disease Awareness Bracelets

This blog began as I started treating my own serious illness as Chronic Lyme disease.  While the journey has taken many different diagnostic twists and turns since then, I am grateful to have met along the way many wonderful people battling this terrible disease.  Making Lyme disease awareness bracelets kept me sane in those early days of illness and when first launching my online jewelry business:  Trinity Jewelry by Design.

I am now closing the Lyme disease awareness section of my jewelry business to focus on other projects.  Eleven very cute and pretty bracelets are now available at 60% savings for your fundraiser, gifting, or other Lyme awareness activities.  Could they be sweet for St. Patrick’s Day coming up this week?  You decide.  Below is a sampling of the styles available in this package deal.  For more information, head to my online shop at:  Trinity Jewelry by Design Lyme Closeout Sale.

Take care, Gentle Reader, and thank you for your support during this wonderful season of TJ by D.  Just Julie


Homemade Happiness for Christmas

handmade forum flyer 2014

Access these tremendous handmade treasures by clicking on this link then the GREEN TYPEFACE.  You will be taken to a guide with direct links and discount coupons for all of the shops listed above.

Thank you for your support of Trinity Jewelry by Design!  Just Julie

The Winter Hiatus Just Might Be Over

So glad to be able to get creative again after a long spell of, as they say in the cereal commercial, “nuttin’ honey!”  Making wrap bracelets have become my favorite jewelry to make, incorporating macramé, traditional jewelry findings, leather, and just about every technique I’ve learned so far.  Having a creative outlet has been a blessing of late and here’s hoping this lovely piece is the start of more good things to come!

Boho Macramé and Mixed Media Bracelet From Trinity Jewelry by Design
Boho Macramé and Mixed Media Bracelet From Trinity Jewelry by Design



Click on the link below for more information.

Oh so pretty!

Thought I would post some updates from my latest creative endeavors.  It’s taken over a year to develop my creative style of macramé jewelry: a hobby that has helped keep me sane in addition to my new eBook.  Here are some pics to share where I’ve landed with my new macramé wrap bracelets, and more.  If you would like more information, click on the “Etsy” square in the right hand column or follow this link:  Trinity Jewelry by Design.  Enjoy!  Just JulieDSCF9056




Special Awareness Offer

If you’re looking for Lyme or Breast Cancer Awareness jewelry, I’d like to share with you the following offer:

End of the Summer Sale:  $2.00 off all Awareness jewelry at Trinity Jewelry by Design.  Simply use the Coupon Code:  SUMMER, at checkout.  Check it out at:  Trinity Jewelry By Design

Oh what the heck:  use it for $2.00 off all jewelry in my shop from now until the end of summer!  Happy shopping!

Thanks all.  Just Julie