Lost in Space

Lost in SpaceToday was a better day.  I almost don’t know what to do with myself!  I slept a total of 13 hours:  slowly moving through the motions of self care then made my way to the kitchen.  Five hours later I emerged having made dinner, homemade granola, no-bake cookies, bone broth, and roasted parsnips.  What the heck happened?

Who knows?  Maybe I don’t need to know.  I still had some rough moments this morning with feelings of sickness on and off.  But this is the first evening in many weeks when I have not had a major seizure attack episode for 1-3 hours before midnight.  Thank you Lord!

Tomorrow will be filled with appointments outside our home and we’ll see how that goes.  I kinda think that reducing my stress level was the right thing to do today, letting my energy level dictate what I would do rather than my calendar.  So as I go to bed I am massively humbled and a little lost.  Gee.  A better day happened to me!

Tee hee!  Goodnight all.  JJ

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