Enough Weirdness Already!

I realize the last posting was a bit weird.  Please forgive me.  This is how my mind works sometimes:  trying to be funny, sincere, and well, express myself in some creative way.  The result this week:  an odd blog posting!

And now for today.  The Lord is laying on my heart the reality that I may not be able to return to my profession of occupational therapy.  To work in healthcare requires an incredible ability to serve others under stressful circumstances; work in environments laden with noxious smells, microorganisms, temperature and sound variations; meet a wide range of physical demands from extensive sitting to heavy lifting; and to continuously learn, apply, and re-evaluate extensive amounts of technical/scholarly information on a daily basis.  This is impossible with the ongoing neurological complications of Lyme Disease and Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome.  On the positive side, the need to be adaptable, resourceful, and creative in OT has graciously remained during this time of illness.  These skills have been instrumental in helping me cope with the chronic illness that continues.  The other skills come and go.  Maybe they will come back?  Who knows.  This is a big realization.

Thankfully I do not need to make a decision about my career this evening!  (However I do keep my licensing and continuing education requirements current, you know.)  The Lord is also laying on my heart my next project within my home business, Trinity Jewelry by Design, so I will focus on that for the next few months.  I’m thinking of developing some sports-related products that may be attractive to the kayak paddling community.  If some additional research looks promising, I may move forward quickly now that it’s canoe and kayaking season in much of the United States.  I do continue to learn a lot about using the internet, my online shop, networking, and the administrative requirements of a home business.  Watch this blog for new developments as you will be among the first to get the news!

Since Steve and I never really know the stability of his employment as they undergo more changes this year, we remain open to the larger issues of where we will live and what work will carry him into retirement.  We are not concerned about these types of unknowns, really.  It would be challenging if the Lord leads Steve in any career moves at this time in our lives yet we both have experienced successful job changes and relocations under a variety of positive and negative circumstances.  Jesus is already there, ahead of us in space and time with a plan for our lives.  So glad for that!  For example, I lived in the suburbs of the 3rd largest city in the US (Chicago) before I moved to marry Steve in the Fort Wayne, Indiana area.  In a city .04% the size of the Chicagoland area, I found the best husband, best doctor, best home, best quality of life, and best Bible teacher that I have ever had in my life!  I had no idea all this was possible!  Wow.  God is amazing and provides for our every need no matter where we are on the map.  (Proverbs 3:5-6) Very humbling, for sure.

So enough of the weirdness.  Enough of the need to know.  Enough of the need to control this or that.  Enough of the worry and strife.  I am going to stay in the moment and enjoy the crazy thunderstorm outside no matter what affect it may have on my illness or even if it blows out the power and this blog is lost forever.

I think I will be prudent and sign off now . . .  :J

5 thoughts on “Enough Weirdness Already!

  1. Julie, don’t apologize… you are a writer, and when the “words flow,” that’s what they do… so no worries about writing what “others” might consider “weird.” Keep up the great work, and Many Blessings!

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