VIP New Treatment Tracker: Day 1

VIP47900-24-3With the rather loud barking of our pup, the mail lady delivered the foam cooler today containing vasoactive intestinal peptide.  Wow.  It is here!

I quickly gathered myself together with a quick prayer, reading of the instructions, and sipping some water before ceremonially administering the first dose.  A quick spray in one nostril delivered 50 mcg of VIP in a stable saline solution.  It must be stored in the refrigerator so I found a special spot for it shortly thereafter.  Here we go again on another great adventure:  another promising new treatment approach to lessen the burden of recovery from Chronic Lyme Disease and Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome.  Like Mach I with your hair on fire, no?

Within an hour I had a slight runny nose that quickly resolved.  No problemmo and this could be expected from a nasal spray.  The stress of it all brought fatigue so a nap will follow shortly.  Then maybe I will shower for the day.  It is beautiful outside today after all.

(For more information on VIP, head to the References section of this blog.)

My Lord goes before me this day and always.  To Him be the glory for the results of this new treatment approach.  He will be the author of the story that will follow, not the pharmacy, doctor, nor myself.  He allowed me to stumble upon this information again and participate in my LLMD prescribing VIP for me.  Thank you Jesus for preserving my mind this past year so that I could respond when a new modality presented itself.  Thank you for continuing to lead me, walk with me and see that this whole ordeal not be wasted.  There are many blessings You have brought me despite the dark days  that began October 11, 2011.  Your light is forever before me no matter the outcome.  Lord help me keep my eyes fixed on You.  And if it is your will Lord, heal me.

In Jesus name,  amen.  Just Julie

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