Not all goats can be my friend

goatimagesI finally figured out what kept me in neurotoxin distress for the better part of two days:  guyere goat cheese!  Turns out that this particular type of goat cheese is made with microbial rennet.   According to Wiki,

these molds are produced in a fermenter and then specially concentrated and purified to avoid contamination with unpleasant byproducts of the mold growth. At the present state of scientific research, governmental food safety organizations such as the European Food Safety Authority deny QPS (Qualified Presumption of Safety) status to enzymes produced especially by these molds.  The flavor and taste of cheeses produced with microbial rennets tend towards some bitterness, especially after longer maturation periods.[3]

Great.  Cheese that is unsafe in Europe is o.k. in the great United States of America.  I rarely ate goat cheese until I was put on a special diet to control “neuromuscular events.”  The first 3 weeks on this diet have been challenging due to limited and exotic food choices yet it appeared to be helping some.  Then consumption of guyere goat cheese put this mold sensitive gal with Lyme Disease in a neurological crisis for about 5 hours on Wednesday and another 5 hours on Thursday!  I know that I am sensitive to mold but had no idea that I should search for it and avoid it in food.  Lord have mercy!

Today was a recovery day, waking up because of a four-minute seizure attack, difficulty breathing, and a splitting headache in the middle of the night.  Or maybe I should say that after a lot more sleep, today was a recovery day.  Turns out I might not have turned off the wireless router correctly late last night.  Sometimes that bothers the symptoms of Lyme so we always turn it off at night.   I finally started feeling better around 4:30 p.m. after a good cry.  Gratefully my sister-in-law asked to chat on the phone and brought out the best in me; finally showered at 7:00 p.m.  Later I got to meet my husband’s son Daniel’s sweet date, Erin, and have my own date with my hubby to Office Depot and the post office.  This is huge, gang.  Running errands with my buddy is a treat lately . . .

I don’t really blame the goat for this setback.  That scrawny creature didn’t add mold to it’s milk for me to get sick on it.  Somebody out there probably loves microbial rennet.  I’m just frustrated.  Maybe tomorrow will be better.

He’s kinda cute in a way . . .

One thought on “Not all goats can be my friend

  1. Today was better. Had a headache and belly ache but was able to get out of the house for a detox-related appointment then to visit a friend with my husband. Thank you Jesus!

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