You Can Laugh at Anything but not Everything

Case Scenario #1

Husband helps his wife dispense a glass of water out of two-tiered water dispenser in the kitchen of some friends’ home during a New Year’s Day party.    Wife cautions her engineer husband to be careful as he tips the dispenser forward to get the water flowing.  Upper bottle suddenly becomes dislodged from the base, spilling 4 GALLONS OF WATER OVER THE WIFE AND THE FLOOR!!!  Mass chaos ensues as some scamper for towels for the floor then eventually for the wife.  Moments later I am outfitted in some cute-but-too-short sweats and socks while my jeans and warm fuzzy socks head to the dryer.  My shock at the incident lasts for hours afterward as I wasn’t feeling good in the first place.  Overall, I am glad we made it to the party and the hostess was very gracious.  I think we broke the water dispenser, though.

Case Scenario #2

Seizure attack episode ramps up then subsides as I decide to take my Epsom salt and baking soda hot bath today.  The soak was uneventful as I later drained the tub intending to take a shower and get going for the day — after all, it was already 2:30 in the afternoon!  For some reason I am immobilized and unable to get out of the tub for a long time.  My mind goes numb, I have trouble initiating more than one step of a task at a time, and I can’t seem to call or knock on something for help.  This is Chronic Lyme Disease and its complications.  Husband comes to my rescue and helps me get myself together with a little coaching from his occupational therapist wife on how to perform a tub transfer.  Flawless execution ensues.  More time passes before my coordinated movement returns and allows me to make my special diet/lunch at 6:00 p.m. or so.  I’m now very hungry and thirsty!  Food and drink revive me.  I think I’m moving a bit slower than normal, though.

So which one did you laugh at?  In the end, the second one was the most humorous for me.  Seriously!  The difference was the attitude of my husband.  An hour under the covers, recovering from a bath misadventure can be delightful between husband and wife no matter the details.  I guess it’s all a matter of perspective and I love it when Steve and I connect with the same perspective.    Maybe next time we will be “on the same page” so to speak when the water breaks loose.  This time, the bath water won, for sure.

(No honey, I’m menopausal not pregnant!  Gotcha!)

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