Thank You!

Thank you for being out there for me in cyberland my dear blog friend.  You help me get through some of the subtler parts of recovering from Lyme Disease.  It’s the journaling that makes a difference.  And maybe knowing that some of you are praying for me too.

It’s different than a prayer chain at my church or my husband’s humble update about me at the end of our Wednesday night service.  You read this in the free time of your busy, distracted, already filled lives.  You can hit delete, open a new window, or simply ignore me in a flash if that is your desire.  No one will probably know if you read this or don’t.  I hope I never take that for granted!

By the way, earlier today I did make it through my second craft show.  Praise the Lord!  You would crack up if you saw me walking with my husband through our local discount warehouse store, Sam’s Club, afterwards:  a little crooked, leaning on the cart, then finally letting the cart that my husband was pushing through the parking lot, pull me back to the car!  I was pooped!  Five hours later, the four hour nap was behind me.  I’m doing much better now, thankfully.

So just for you is a special coupon if you are also fans of Trinity Jewelry by Design:  free shipping!  Just use coupon code:  BLOGFRIEND at checkout.  This week I hope to add bracelets and necklaces from Threads of Hope.  Their friendship bracelets and jewelry create work for impoverished families in the Philippines under the ministry of Alex and Chris Kuhlow.  And later next week, the wooden bracelets from women in Nairobi, Kenya and Market Colors will complete our main product lines for this year.  Check the References section of this blog for more info. on these great organizations.  Call it making a difference:  meaningfulness conveyed through jewelry.  Cool beans.

I am humbled what the Lord has allowed me to accomplish this year.  Blogging and jewelry are welcome distractions from illness.  Thank you for being a part of my life.  May the Lord bless you!

Widows in Malawi, Africa
Market Colors:  Widows in Malawi, Africa
Threads of Hope
Threads of Hope:  Manilla, Philippines

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