It’s Craft Show Season and I’m In

As Saturday gets closer, I’m as excited as I am nervous about what the day will bring.  It’s a big day for me, for sure.

8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. EST Lord willing I’ll be participating in my first Craft Show at a local church.  My display is spread out on the living room floor, ready to go with both knotted hemp and gem/mineral stone selections from Trinity Jewelry by Design.  I am humbled at how the Lord has used this business to keep me going during the trials of Lyme Disease recovery.  Up late at night, working on the jewelry, posting pictures at my online shop, or researching gem/mineral stone descriptions, this has kept me sane.  I did not lose my mind to the forgetfulness, spaciness, brain hiccups after all.  Praise the Lord!  Now I just need to finish up a few things, set up on Friday night and somehow get my butt out of bed (without seizure attacks or headache, please) and to the church by “way too early” Saturday morning.  Who buys crafts at 8 in the morning?  Geez. Maybe the early hours are for the Cookie Walk that’s at the same time?

And if I get there, I’ll be able to do what is needed because I love this kind of venue.  The sweats, the word-finding difficulties, the head pressure, the pain won’t matter as I will be in my element.  Let’s hope the budding throat and ear infection doesn’t take hold either.  If it’s spiritual warfare rising up then I know there’s victory in Christ Jesus.  See Romans 8:38.  No worries there, the issues that are coming up are just “temporary setbacks,” eh?

As if this isn’t enough, there’s another very important appointment at 3:00 p.m.  I am honored to be the “guest patient” at a special training course in chiropractic neurology per the invitation of my family doctor.  Perhaps they will find the key to the seizure attacks and the cure.  Perhaps my doctor will have in hand the result of the sleep-deprived EEG last week, coupled with all my test results.  And with a sleep study scheduled just 2 days later on December 3rd, there should be plenty of data to come up with a plan to annihilate these debilitating episodes.  Hope is on the way!  I’ll bet after the energy stretch of the craft show in the morning, there will be plenty of fireworks for the class to witness.  Humbling to have to be a guinea pig.  Hopeful for some help, in the end.

So now it’s time to prep some product info. for my friend’s gem and mineral stone jewelry.  It’s all in the mix.  I feel sick.  I’ll do it sick anyways.  It’s Craft Show season, and I’m in!  Cool beans.

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2 thoughts on “It’s Craft Show Season and I’m In

    1. Thank you sweetie! I’m hoping to be there no matter what! Found out yesterday that I can do just about anything when the adrenaline gets flowing. Know what I mean? :J

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