They say it was sunny outside today

Sunny?  I did see it through the curtains this afternoon.  Yup, it was sunny.

Rainy the other day?   Saw the rain in the sidewalk cracks when getting the mail.    Yup, it rained.

Indian summer with weather in the 70s yesterday?  Let’s see, I was so sick driving to some important errands that I hardly noticed.  Yup, I think it was warm.

Composted a few flower beds?  My wonderful husband says the beds in the front of the house are now done.  Yup, landscaping is getting done.

Does anything help me to feel better anymore?  Epsom salt/baking soda bath at about 10:30 p.m. then showering this evening.  Yup, got me dressed and moving as far as this computer.

Baby shower for a sweet friend this afternoon?  Saw the pictures on Facebook.  Yup, it went well without me.

Sure is a different measure of living, this Lyme thang.   Now let me try another way of looking at thangs:

The sun warmed the bedroom calming my temperature fluctuations this afternoon.  Yes Lord!  The sun shines through an October sky warming me well.

A gentle rain brought nourishment to some late vegetables and the re-potted flowering kale on the porch.  Yes Lord, Your watering prepares all the plants for the harshness of Winter.

Warmer weather diminishes the pain in my body and the sunshine carries me through the day like nothing else.  Yes Lord, you are the glorious Creator, designer of all.  In your arms, nothing is wasted.

Five dollars bought a truckload of rich brown compost to nourish our garden beds before they go to sleep for the Winter.  My beloved got things started today.  Yes, Lord, I am grateful and can “taste” the cucumbers of 2013 already . . .

A long soak in a hot tub is an ultimate treat for relaxation of the mind and body.   Sleep can come easier:   rest, and restoration.  Thank you Lord!  Ahhhh.

What a joy to see a new life in the making, bathed in the love of family and the Lord.   Hope she’ll like my gift and love to be sent along too.

Guess it’s a matter of perspective, eh?  I am weak.  Lord, help me see with Your eternal eyes, Your eternal heart.

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