Jeremiah 29:13

And ye shall seek me, and find me, when ye shall search for me with all your heart.


This is a resurrection lily.  Long, green leaves emerge in springtime with the tulips then fade with the warmth of summer.  By the 4th of July, I forget that there are there, under the soil.  Then in the Fall, these striking pink, yellow, and violet lillies emerge on single stems, sharing its beauty for just under 2 weeks.   I received these from a friend when I was going through a tough time three years ago.  Now they are a sweet reminder of her thoughtfulness and the majesty of the Creator of the universe. 

Just when I am overwhelmed at my physical struggles, my mind consumed with doomsday thinking about this or that, if I can squeak out a prayer, He answers! My Lord and Savior meets me right there in my sweat-soaked nightgown with His loving presence.  If I but remain faithful to trust Him, call upon Him, He shows me His beauty and grace, mercy and peace, gentleness and comfort.   I am not alone.

If the resurrection lily gets a do-over in how it first appears, then I must also do-over my first impression of an unlovely moment in time.  It an’t the whole story.  It isn’t the end of the story either.

No suprise that God speaks to me through His creation.  Mankind started the  journey of life in a Garden.  I blush like the lily.  He knows my heart so well, cares for the cries of my heart so well.  Thank you for meeting me at 1:00 a.m. today.  Thank you for loving me,

sweet Jesus.

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