One 15-minute increment at a time

Congratulations to my wife, Julie, on finally being able to get in some kayak paddling yesterday (even working on reentries)! She’s still facing a lot of challenges in recovering from Lyme disease, but it was awesome to see her out on the water again, doing something she’s been wanting to do for quite awhile. Watching her battle this often debilitating disease constantly reminds me to be ever thankful to the Lord for every blessing I have, and to never take anything for granted. And I praise Him always for the most precious gift of a most incredible and loving wife, who is as beautiful internally as she is externally!

This is a posting from my husband on Facebook this morning.  Wow, I am humbled.  Here’s my reply: 

 I am humbled and don’t deserve you my love. Thank you Lord for Steve!  Had to cancel a day trip today after a bad night and all you could focus on was our breakfast together this morning. This is what love looks like . . .

So Happy 4th of July.  Today is like any other day in the life of a person battling a serious illness.  You live in the moment:  15-minute moments for me.  Yesterday that included 6 of those increments of time getting back into my kayak and swimming for the first time since Thanksgiving.  Felt reeeeeallllly nice!  It was still over 90 degrees outside last night and even our “Elle-dog” was swimming and playing too.  Happy time.

Then the night was rough and we had to cancel a day-trip to Michigan.  I sensed that my husband was disappointed by his remarks as he attempted to hide it at breakfast late this morning.  Cooked him and his son, Daniel, something special despite my sad feelings.  I apologized for him missing the trip and he graciously said there was no need to apologize.  Wow.  This is a vacation day for him and part of it was spent watching me endure “neuromuscular events.”   And I needed him to turn on the Rife machine this afternoon when another episode hit and I couldn’t safely get to the Beam Ray.  The episode lasted an hour and a half.  Lord, have mercy.  Yet I was grateful.  I did get on the water yesterday . . .

It’s now evening and Steve and Daniel, are watching a Navy Seal movie that is of no interest to me.  It’s too hot to take a walk with the dog as I’m not doing well with the heat overall.  Besides, it’s already dark.  No fireworks:  there’s an open-flame ban for most of Indiana.  Everyone in our housing addition on Facebook agrees to call the police if we hear fireworks going off; it’s just that dry and brown everywhere.  Didn’t get to the Extension Office to water the veggie garden today (as Wednesday is my day) due to illness.  So many false starts, you know?  Flexibility is key to enduring and overcoming this illness.  Now to find something else to do, hmmmm, maybe make them popcorn for tonight and some homemade granola for breakfast tomorrow?   So back to the kitchen I go.

Thank you Jesus for getting me through this day, one 15-minute increment at a time.   :J

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