Shake, Rattle, and Roll

Call them twitches, tremors, or seizure-like tics.  I call them a sad reality of the battle going on in my central nervous system.  Lasting from a few minutes to 14 1/2 hours, you are stuck in bed or on the couch until they run their course.  Move or be touched and they intensify.  Geez!

Today they returned after an almost 48 hour hiatus (for which I was grateful).  That translates to an afternoon with a 2 hour pre-tic nap followed by 7 1/2 hours of tics on and off.  Geez again!  Wracking my brain to try to figure out what helped stop them other episodes and I did discover a few things.  Only problem is that those things that help combat one episode, don’t work the same after about 2 trials.  Sometimes, especially if it’s a drug, it eventually makes it worse.   This is challenging!

Strategies attempted so far:  prayer, chiropractic-with-acupuncture, 2 Ibuprofen, Tizanidine HCL (Bad!), Skelaxine, Lemon Balm (tincture and tea from leaves), diaphragmatic breathing, Beam Ray programs (Brain Support, Spine 3, Myelinsheath, Parkinson’s), hydration with pink himalayan salt water, IV fluids in the ER, cranio-sacral chiropractic, and just waiting them out.   If Lyme takes a year to notice significant improvements, then I’m in for a rough one; I’m 5 months into treatment.  Lord have mercy.

And yet I had a sweet evening with my husband anyways.  Steve heated up a few things for dinner and joined me eating our meal from the comfort of our own bed.  Later we watched a sweet Meg Ryan/Walter Mattheau movie I.Q. while my symptoms came and went.  My Stevers is very gracious towards me and I love him dearly!  He takes all this in stride most of the time.  I am truly blessed.   The title of this blog is his way of handing this noxious symptom.  Gotta love a guy like that, eh?

He has made everything beautiful in its time.  Ecclesiastes 3:11 (NKJV)

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