The Waiter Went the Other Way

So we thought we’d have a little meal delivered

Just the hubby-n-me tonight, no special reason

Placed the order with the coupon of the month

And settled into the night with tummies a grumblin.’

We took care of a little of this and that

Caught up on the news of the day

He has a canoe race tomorrow, me a treatment

Both will go forward on a rainy Saturday.

Surely the restaurant

Was busy or somethin’

As the hours wore on

We hoped we were not forgotten.

But abandoned we were

And the manager had no order

The delivery service never came

And no one got to bother our dog.


Unfrozen brats and canned green beans

A little granola, some almonds oh yeah

Just add a pat o’ Irish butter dear lad

To fill the bellies ‘fore bed a wee bit unhappy.

The Waiter did not make his Way

To our doorstep this night as hoped

The dog will just have to scare another soul

Or munch the bonus treat they’ll need to bring tomorrow.