Getting Crafty


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Three Season Christmas Planter by

Late into the night on Sunday I was able to finish the cleaning, meal preparations, and Christmas gift for our H family gathering Monday night.  I paid for it dearly this later evening however!

Nonetheless, this is my best work:  an outdoor Christmas, Winter, and Spring planter that combines a dormant/upright holly bush (Ilex Sky Pencil), hidden mini daffodil bulbs (Tête-à-tête) below the surface, exquisite holiday silks, and battery-operated/synchronized  LED lighting.  In the Spring the recipient will remove the sparkly finery to allow room for the bulb shoots to emerge then follow-up with flowering annuals in May.  The finished planter stood about 4 feet tall from the base to the tip of the wooden spikes.  Yeah God!

This design was inspired by the Dirt Simple blog of Deborah Silver, owner of Detroit Garden works.  She is my inspiration of late for all of my landscaping, potted planter, and flora decorating dreams for sure!  I hope you go to her website and check it out.

Guess we had a “Christmas tree” after all this year!  :JJ