If this but that

If this were to occur but not that

Or rather if that were to occur but not this, well then

What if this but that and then again but this?

Then if this isn’t good enough but that is then what?

But if I cannot talk to that but that is the only option then I shall do this

Until but that tells me this is the only way to go.

Then this but makes me go that way and I am left in limbo this time, again

Ugh! But that never happens in this situation! Imagine that! This did!

But this but that, I raise you one “this more” and take that you fiend!

For the medical merry-go-round of late has me all but thisserated!

But it will go away soon. This is the only way. Until that happens again. And it will. This always does me in that way.

I digress.