Survival is not the only goal

After 4+8 hours of sleep, initial breakthrough seizures, and simply being back in our mold-safe home, I am weak but stable again. The nightmares are gone; body pain and blood sugar are coming down. So glad that this trip and Thanksgiving week are behind us.

I could question if I should have gone at all to Arkansas; last year I was too sick to go and turns out that this year was not enough different to try. Eight hours of seizures on Wednesday alone was devastating! I simply cannot be around known water-damaged buildings despite precautions; I did not go inside. I am too early in basic mold treatment (that I can finally tolerate) to test it out. I don’t know if I will ever fully heal enough to go into known water-damaged buildings to visit loved ones. I should have stayed home.

While this trip was a disaster at many levels, I came away from it clear that insults and false accusations are unacceptable from anyone at any time. This serious illness is real and it’s called Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome. Confronting evil is required (and I did so) yet it can still be disastrous when you are sick. Simply stay away, basking in the protection and saving grace of our Lord, Jesus Christ. Let Him fight the battles ’cause we humans will fall short.

In due time the trauma and drama of battling serious illness will heal. And the Life that once shined from within me will return. It is not here in these pictures of me and my beloved by the campground Hot Springs Arkansas.

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