At least then I can pretend

Time away in the mountains

Brought reflection on God’s glory

His creation immense with size and beauty

I had forgotten the colors of the rock faces.


Water rushing cool from above

Where snow was still melting

Washing the earth, nourishing all

Bringing adventure like a mad river untamed.

JIMMY-330PM-AUG18-MR (8)
White Water rafting on the Snake River in Jackson Hole, WY

We drove, we saw, we breathed

The dry yet clean air of elevation

Better for my beloved and nice for me

Off the beaten paths we travelled last month.

Palisades, Idaho, reservoir, paddling, OC-2, outrigger canoe, Huki
Paddling our OC-2 with Steve in the pristine reservoir of Palisades, Idaho


How grateful I was to change my scene

From home but not from the illness

That followed me nightly like a tempest beast

Making the trailer rock with seizures not love.


Adrenaline pushed me across the miles

The excitement of the wild West

With crashes like a rodeo gone wrong

If I traversed too long in too many places.

But alas for some hours, some moments

Here and there and there and here

I got to play normal like a gal on vacation

Enough for the photos to share with you all!


Julie Horney
The Crystal River in Carbondale, CO


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