Somewhere in the World

Perhaps I have written on this before and perhaps not.  This is still my reality so I will make it a most delicious read for you today!

“It’s dinnertime somewhere in the world,” was the reply of my husband’s sweet daughter, Christina.  Between her and her sister, Rebekah, they have travelled to all of the continents of the world.  They know better than anyone that at any given hour there is someone having dinner.  So when we have dinner after 11:00 p.m., as we do often, her kind words are most reassuring that we would be in good company if seated at a table beyond the borders of the United States of America!

Thursday was Thanksgiving Day and I wasn’t able to start working on the turkey until after 5:00 p.m.  What followed was a whirlwind to make 12 items before I crashed with a full, happy belly!  We had our salad, homemade cranberry relish, rolls, and fixings around 7:30 p.m. then Christina crashed on the couch for a good while (still recovering from a medical procedure the day before).  This allowed me plenty of time to whip together everything needed to finish our meal with Steve on duty to wash-and-rewash the numerous batches of dishes utilized to carry out the tasks at hand.  Thankfully, the Lord added His increase to my weary bones!

The first part of the day had not fared so well.  Read the last blog for a status report of what I am talking about.  Let’s just say that I experienced the same story on this holiday much like any other day.  Sickness rarely takes a day off!  Dang.  Friday was similar except for all of the cooking.  Actually, not much of anything got done on Black Friday and it wasn’t because of a shopping hangover either.  At least I got to spend all of these days with my most favorite person in the world:  my beloved Steve.  We celebrated our anniversary on Tuesday as well, in sickness and in health.  He gets it right!

Thanksgiving 2015
Just Julie’s first homemade pie and pastry from scratch in a long time was a hit!

So if your own day doesn’t go as you would like and you end up baking a pumpkin pie and pastries at 11:00 in the evening hoping to enjoy your dessert before the last few seconds of a holiday, don’t fret.  It’s a sunny morning somewhere in the world and your pie will be cooled enough for your salivating guests just in the nick of time.  True pie lovers require that their drug of choice gets served before the food coma sets in!  As long as it comes with ice cream or whipped cream served on top, we will all give thanks now won’t we?


Indubitably, my friend.  Please pass me a fork right now!  JJ

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