The Do It Sick Chef Makes 5 Part Vitamix Soup

You can’t beat a bowl or mug of a steamy, creamy, savory soup on a cool Fall day, right?  Oh yeah, and it can be an essential way to warm up in the Winter time too.  Well it ain’t getting any warmer here in the Midwest of the United States so get out that high-speed blender (the Vitamix is my favorite) and let’s get cranking!

Here you will find a video and recipe for my own 5 Part Vitamix Soup.  Feel free to substitute 1 or 2 other veggies, another crunchy element (such as corn chips, rice crisps, and the like), and your favorite high-fiber food for the pumpkin seeds used in this segment.  I am so grateful to be learning as I’m going in this Do It Sick Chef video series.  Hey, I even got sort of dressed up for this one!  Take care, JJ

5 Part Vitamix Soup Recipe as a pdf document.

5 Part Vitamix Soup Recipe as a Word document.

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