Looking for a hobby? Summer fun for a teen? Home business? Read on!

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After three years developing and sharing Trinity Jewelry by Design, I am gratefully moving on to a new company, Two Step Solutions!  Before I close up this Etsy shop, I have two announcements:

  1. Everything on the website is 25% off with coupon code “SHOPCLOSINGSALE” until June 10th.
  2. Trinity Jewelry by Design is for sale.  This sale includes all of the tools, supplies, display materials, and training needed to get started making jewelry as a hobby or as a  home business in handmade jewelry.  Head to the listing on the website for more details on this special offer.  The entire shop will close June 21st.

Thank you to the friends and visitors of the Hope Beyond blog for supporting TJ by D.  Some of you are customers, some have provided helpful feedback and training, and many came alongside my creative journey with me.  I am very grateful for you and that the Lord allowed me to learn new skills, make new friends, and have my own “occupational therapy” to keep me sane during some major changes in my life.  You all rock!

Two Step Solutions will be my focus including the launch of my eBook this summer, Making Life Easier for Baby Boomers.  You are invited to follow our blog at Two Step Solutions for the Active Tips and free resources that will make life easier for just about everyone really.

Take care,  Just Julie

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