That’s Just How We Roll


The birthday surprise was a success for the 80th birthday celebration of my husband’s father.  We all enjoyed watching him race around the track in an exotic sports car (Ferrari 258) at Driveway Austin, Texas.  So fun!

Gratefully we were able to stay in our travel trailer we were able to revamp some and  finish just before we left Indiana.  One morning I was waking up in our tin can ranch in a rather wretched state FILLED with GRATITUDE for so much:

– the weather outside was 40 degrees warmer than at home!
– I got to be with family and attend more events than in the weeks before we left.
– the pattern of isolation was opened for a time to be with dear loved ones.
– I had a clean place to which to retreat as needed, even when travelling.
– the kitchen was always open with Julie foods from my restoration diet.
– even the pup (Elle) was having fun roaming out and about with the horses and playing with a sweet Golden Retriever (Molly) and a snarly yet loveable old Lab (Leah).
– I got to talk to a rep again from the lab largely involved in my recovery from serious illness.  A plan is coming together! 
– the Facebook group dedicated to this lab’s state-of-the-art work in mercury toxicity is growing and people are going to get well including me!
– and almost of the time was spent at the side of my beloved Stevers:  my bestest buddy in the whole world!


While there is so much work yet to do after these many days of exhausting travel and more tanks of gas than anyone predicted, our hearts are full this night!

Just when the sorrows mixed with a “million” tears burdened my soul, there are even more evidences of the Lord’s goodness everywhere in my world as we roam..  Our fuzzy friend sleeps softly in the back seat.  My husband rocks to the Newsboys on CD as we cruise in the brisk night air.  We got to see Steve’s cousin (Cathy) yesterday and his daughter (Rebekah) today for two sweet side trips in southern cities enroute.  The Lord added His increase when I was too weak to pack up in my own strength this morning.  And Steve’s work projects will come together just fine when he returns to work tomorrow afternoon.  Ahhhh.  Shall I go on?

So many blessings surround each of us if we but open our minds and hearts to the possibilities.  We can humble ourselves and be willing to live life along with the obstacles.   That’s just how we roll these days, this post-Thanksgiving week.  How about you my Gentle Reader? Please do tell!

Take care, JJ


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