Skype Devotional/Prayer Group Forming

Matthew 18.20 Two Gathered in PrayerHey Hope Beyond Friends who are battling illness: I’m putting together a Skype devotional/prayer group for those of us who are largely homebound. This is for persons who are followers of Jesus Christ of the Bible.  You’ll need a computer with a camera, Skype, and to be registered on Skype. I’m thinking 8 people per group (and starting additional groups if more are interested), lasting 45-60 minutes, once per week. The format could be: Get acquainted, Bible-based devotional, short prayer requests, prayer. These are “come as you are” which means just get dressed and turn on the computer!  This first group is for gals.  I’ll collect names and facilitate additional groups that you will run yourselves if we have more gals or guys who are interested.
Make a comment below with a message and your Skype name if you are interested.
Thanks and take care, Just Julie
UPDATE:  We had our first call at 8:00 p.m. EST on Thursday, September 18th.  Such a sweet time of blessing we had!  Looks like we will continue at this time and Yes there are openings for a few more folks.  Would love to meet you!  JJ

2 thoughts on “Skype Devotional/Prayer Group Forming

    1. Hi Amanda: I understand! I chose Skype to enhance the human element that is missing when homebound yet knowing that I would be rather scruffy myself. I’m sitting here in my favorite flannel shirt with arms that have shrunken way too short and a ratty left elbow hole that is as big as the armhole! Please feel free to jump in when you are ready in the future, k? Take care, Julie

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