Wide-eyed and bushy tailed: Part 1 of 2

This pup can sleep no matter where she is or what time of day it is.  I’ll bet she is not alone in this.  Most dogs can sleep all day long if they like.  I guess it helps to have 2 layers of eyelids with one covered in heavy fur!  And in my experience, many of the male homo sapiens genre can sleep at will too!  🙂

Squinting early Spring 2014crop


Not so for me.  After a rough night, rough afternoon, and low grade episode in the middle of the night it’s as if I have toothpicks holding my eye lids open.  In about an hour my alarm will go off in anticipation of a birthday surprise outing for my beloved husband.  It has been re-scheduled or re-configured six times over the past week with the location, State, and parties involved changing many times due to various extraneous factors.  He only knows about the date changes.  Steve has been a champ through it all!  I kept him guessing with clues and silly gifts.  The changes of date, time, etc. has actually helped keep everything a secret.  I just hope I hold out too!

Sometimes sheer adrenaline gets you through that which you could never do on your own.  I know my Jesus is out front so please:  take the helm!

Seeya later with all of the details and pictures.  I’m headed for a puppy pillow.


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