The Sequel: Same story different day

Don’t you just love a good movie?  The kind where you cannot predict the end until it ends or one where you find out what happened to the characters from the first of the series?  Yes, everyone loves a good story with a happy ending.  As for me, I’m just glad for happy moments!

I decided that it was time to update my video log of the most challenging aspects of the illness I am battling.  Included in my “sequel” are some photos of happy moments and some notes meant to be of encouragement at the end of the story.  Overall I admit that it’s kind of tough to watch.  Sometimes my beloved, Steve, and I (in our attempts to cope with this daily saga) get into a numbing routine where I go off into a back bedroom for a wretched episode then he comes by later to check on me.  I’m safe in bed:  I won’t fall out or anything like that.  He prays as he endures the horrifying vocalizations echoing throughout the house, knowing that there is virtually nothing he can do to lessen the burden.  We simply ride it out until the next one comes along, whenever that may be.

Gratefully we have discovered some things that consistently trigger the seizure-attack episodes or make them worse.  We don’t do these things where possible!  I mean that with nine gatherings last week in celebration of two weddings it was pretty tough to eliminate all extraneous factors.  We did our best.  I made it through five events relatively o.k., was Skyped into another, left two early, skipped a reception, and was carried away from the second to last event after the introduction of the happy newlyweds.  Not bad for a massively ramped up schedule and for someone battling Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome.  Or is it Lyme disease?  Biotoxin illness?  Non-epileptic seizures?  No one really knows for sure.

So here it is.  No popcorn needed.  A tissue might be worthwhile.  All prayers are welcome.  I am looking forward to the day when this illness is resolved.  In the meantime I stand on the Rock of my salvation, trusting in my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to go with me and deliver me in due time.  One day in this life or in heaven, I WILL BE FREE.  It’s the promise in which all of us who call upon the name of the Lord can rest.  Thank you Jesus for your amazing grace.

Time for a nap!  J

7 thoughts on “The Sequel: Same story different day

  1. Julie, have you seen the video from Christa and Justin Vanderham? She had symptoms just like yours. She is doing great now and just had a baby. She finally saw Dr. Marty Ross in Seattle. I’ve called them and he will even do phone consults. You could get in to see him without waiting months. Check it out. Praying for your healing.
    On a side note, my doctor is allowing me to try some of Dr. Ross’s protocol and I am feeling better than I was.

    1. Hi Sherry: yes, their video was very meaningful to me at the beginning of my healing journey. I don’t have the headaches that Christa has and do have the violent thrashing episodes of unknown causes. Such misery for sure. I looked into the work at Dr. Marty Ross’s clinic and was disappointed to read about their Shamanic healing methods or “intuitive arts.” Since I believe that the Lord is guiding my journey I simply cannot follow any other source than the Great Physician. I have been harmed in the past from the demonic practices from others and know how they are often cleverly disguised sometimes as healing or insightful. The Bible tells us how Satan masquerades as an angel of light and as such could masquerade as a healer. Gratefully I am at the beginning of treatment with another physician who professes faith in Jesus Christ. This is important to me when the dark times come. It actually provides more hope for me than a cure.

      1. I too agree Julie in the healing of our Lord Jesus Christ. Dr. Ross does have his protocol online and both of my doctors are letting me try some of his protocol. My understanding of his “voodoo” medicine is only if you are into that. Since Christa is also strong in her faith in a relationship with Christ, I’m sure that is not his primary practice. I just know that since I’ve started following some of his protocol for Lyme, I’ve been feeling a bit better. I worry about your seizures and wonder if what he did for Christa would help you. You know he also does consults. Praying for you and thinking of you. Glad to know your faith has not shaken. Praises to Him that gives us strength. 🙂

  2. my sweet sister Julie, I am crying and praying with you right now. May God pour out His mercy and grace upon you in extra measure. May He lead you to ultimate healing and answers no matter how He intends to bring it about.

    1. Oh Jennifer, thank you. Such a crazy deal. At least my dress for the first wedding was spot on and a delight to wear! Trying to be grateful for the little blessings. And there are always blessings . . . :J

      1. I am really praying that God brings you some answers and healing. In the mean time what a shining light and testimony to Him you are

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