Blasting through the block

Just do it!

Carpe diem!

Go for it!

He who hesitates is lost!

What’s your excuse?

I don’t have a good excuse.  It’s simply a case of a block in creativity.  When I feel like crap-o-la-ski (there’s my Polish again) for days on end, I do not “create” new and exciting things very well.  Even my writing gets a little bland and I start posting pictures of green frogs saying cute things!  You saw that one, right?

So today I have a jewelry order due and I’m stymied by this block thang.  So today I will employ the only strategy I have the energy for:  a little cleaning, a little organizing, a little reviewing of records, and a little blogging.  Then if I can get myself to turn around from the computer and linger over my home studio area, surely the creativity bug will start to buzz a bit . . .

Gratefully, the Lord placed some fresh ideas in my mind earlier today when I was laid up in bed recovering from some noxious symptoms.  Receiving a gift of some new ideas without even trying to make them happen is a blessing indeed!  I guess all that time spent wandering around Pinterest, a LinkedIn jewelry forum, and watching You Tube videos last month probably helped some too.

Yeah, that’s the ticket!  If you can’t go forward, go sideways for awhile.  Like dwelling in the grace of my Heavenly Father.  Allowing His love to wash over me prepares me for all He has in store for me whether good, bad, or indifferent.  Often these days there is no label for the hours that pass, they just pass as I lie on the bed recovering from this or that, looking out the window at the variegated dogwood bushes on a sunny day.  Maybe I’ll just focus on the soft leaves waving to me in the wind and woosh of their “hello, how are ya?”  I’m sure if they could talk, the crimson branches would say that to me.  No one else is around so they wouldn’t be talking to anyone else, would they?

Oh no.  Did you see what just happened?  The creative juices started flowing again as I continued to write!  Better turn around quick and find some pink hemp cord before the inspiration leaves again.

Let’s see, it was a Breast Cancer Awareness bracelet for my sister-in-law’s friend, right?  Gotta go.  Seeya later!  :J

Breast Cancer Awareness Bracelet
Breast Cancer Awareness Bracelet

Author’s Addendum:  24 hours later, we have this fun wrap bracelet now available at Trinity Jewelry by Design.  Feeling some better and love this new direction!  :J


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