When it’s too dangerous: a treatment update

Killing bad bugs is serious business.  Who knows. Maybe even cancer will someday be treated the same way we go after Lyme Disease.  At least some of the fibromyalgia and multiple sclerosis approaches are starting to lean in the direction of causation by bacterial infection, parasites, and fungi.

But not all approaches are worthy of pursuit.  Most of you reading this blog know of the struggle I’ve experienced trying to eradicate Lyme Disease and some Co-Infections.  I’ve tried a variety of treatment approaches these past 1 1/2 years after extensive research, networking, and good ol’ trial and error.  Although 1 1/2 years is not a long time for the treatment of Chronic or even Late Stage Lyme Disease, I must say that I have learned a lot already!  Sadly, we are going backwards financially trying to find the best course of action.  And now an important truth became clear to me and my husband this evening from a Biblical principle:

23 “I have the right to do anything,” you say—but not everything is beneficial. “I have the right to do anything”—but not everything is constructive.  1 Cor 10:23

We have discovered that my most recent treatment approach is just too dangerous for me at its current intensity.  I will need to back off on the dosage of the new antibiotic regime to keep from damaging my body.  The seizure attacks of the last 36 hours, while not new to me, might even kill me if we were to continue this course.  To kill off Bartonella (a co-infection of Lyme) is considered by some, the hardest co-infection of them all.  This bacteria adapts as it escapes further into one’s tissues when in the presence of antibiotics and other approaches, making it both a super bug and a smart bug.  Unfortunately, it might be the cause of my chronic urinary tract infection and maybe even the seizure attacks.  My, my this complicates things!

We have decided to proceed with a slower yet persistent plan of attack.  The Rife machine will be on hold for awhile due to my increased sensitivity to electromagnetic frequencies when feeling sicker.  “Game on” is still our approach and we’ll take all the time outs, plays in the playbook, and “fighting Irish” I can muster to win this thing.  Steve will be home this weekend with me for my safety as we transition my care.  I’ve gotten weaker this past week and that is not good.

It is good, however, that we have hope and are one accord with the next steps.  I’ll continue on the protein/oil/vegetable diet to attempt to keep Candida down and replenish my gut flora; pushing fluids and probiotics will be critical as well.  I was dreadfully sick 1 1/2 years ago when I started on a rotation of a few antibiotics and had to stop.  Rife treatments and a host of supplements, tinctures, compounded prescriptions and Epsom salt baths followed.  At least now I think I will be able to tolerate a daily low dose of antibiotics:  the proven track record of care by the International Lyme and Associated Disease Society.  I will also continue with the mold illness treatments of which I have written previously:  VIP and Losartan.

Some things just take time I guess.  Another encouraging note:  after the wretched episodes, my mind is significantly clearer.  The improvement mimics my status pre-illness from when I contracted viral hepatitis 2 years ago.  Perhaps we are finally on to an answer after all?  Who knows.  I’ve had my hopes dashed before many times.  That’s o.k.  For tonight, or rather this morning, there’s a real indication that something is improving!

Have I mentioned how wonderful my husband Steve has been through this whole ordeal?  I am grateful for his unfailing love and tenderness that has never wavered despite the trials we have endured.  Thank you Jesus.  We are leaning on you and thank you for walking with us these days as well.

And thank you too, Gentle Reader.  :J

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