A Movie and a Video that “Get It”

Watch for free, the movie that get’s it on the topic of Lyme Disease:  a comprehensive story of the typical journey of diagnosis, treatment, and recovery.


Keep in mind while watching the movie that, while many of us will choose to add other strategies to our treatment regime, most cannot get will without the use of antibiotics at one stage or another of recovery.

Another more personal story of recovery that mimics my journey a little more closely is the story of Christa and Justin.  They are a Christian couple from Canada who married before Christa was diagnosed with Lyme Disease, moved to the USA for her treatment, and are now in the stage of reclaiming their lives as Christa is healing.  Their story is kind of like me moving to Indiana to marry Steve when I was healthy yet had a chronic pain condition, then was diagnosed with Lyme Disease about 4 years later.  Steve and I understand the stress that recovery from Lyme Disease can put on a new marriage.  As you watch the video, note that  I experience a somewhat milder version of Christa’s seizure attacks and incredible headaches.  Fast forward the video to see what those are like.


I too am grateful for a God-honoring life partner in my husband Steve, whom the Lord selected to accompany me on my journey to healing.  The journey has been extremely difficult yet I will treasure the precious words we exchanged just last night for the rest of my life.  We have come so far and have more to go before our own Lyme story is complete.  We have much for which to be grateful, despite the hardships too.


See Part 2 for the Story that is not covered in the video:  the path to meaningfulness.

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