Hanging in There!

efu-hanging cat with dogOne more day and I will be free of this 29-day round of antibiotics.  A short course of candida treatment (6 days) begins after that and I’ll see what’s left of me when I’m done!  On this day, I am grateful for:

  • My beloved Steve whose faith in the Lord and faith in me never falters.  He is a precious gift in my life.
  • Precious friends within the Lyme community who “get it” as we walk through this journey together.
  • Our loyal Elle whose brown puppy dog eyes have met mine, melted me, and comforted me in the wee hours of many late nights.
  • A brilliant Lyme and Mold-Literate Doctor.
  • A lovely home with the time and space I need to recover.
  • And deepest of all is the indwelling presence of God through His Holy Spirit Who speaks truth into my life, covering the lies and fears.  Thank you Jesus!

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