Sometimes you spin your wheels

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times . . .”  Charles Dickens

I have so much for which to be grateful this day.  Despite the absolute insanity of my days, I can still rise above the mud and muck and see the sun shine on a few blessings.  I get to see that the Lord goes before me, ordering my steps even before I realize that I am not stumbling but walking humbly in His grace.  I am so glad that He is gentle with me.  After a rough night there is usually a great nap within a day.  After much confusion, the Lord uses a new friend to point me in the right direction.  After a very long wait to see a medical professional, there is a sweet phone call to another dear friend while waiting in the lobby.  After contracting a serious illness, there are new sojourners to acknowledge me, walk with me, light the way to hope.  And after so much unrest there are peaceful moments that transcend my understanding!

Nothing is truly wasted in God’s economy if we but keep our eyes focused on Him.  We must press on.

If your situation stinks, get your mind out of the muck and consider coming to Jesus.  Get into His Word, the Bible, and you will find what you need.  He is waiting.  You can have an eternal focus that will transcend this day.  Seriously.  Psalm 23 lifts me up every time.

Nissan Frontier on a bad day!
Some serious mud on a bad day!


Now that's better!
Now that’s better!

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