The Gratitude List: June 11, 2013

  • Assurance that:  I am o.k., loved, accepted; there is a purpose for and in my life; the trials of this time shall pass and shall not be wasted.
  • Personal relationship with Jesus Christ that guarantees all of the above.
  • The Holy Spirit Who makes His presence known to me at just the right times, bringing me the love of the Father.  Nothing in life compares to the Father’s perfect love.
  • The consistent and unfailing love of my beloved husband, Steve.
  • My Bible which provides all the instruction, inspiration, and hope I will ever need.
  • A sweet puppy who brings me a smile when I am home alone, a lot.
  • Select social media of the Lyme and mold illness community that understands, day and night.
  • Our pretty home and gardens in which to dwell.
  • Provision of healthy food and water to nourish my body.  I am a water snob, you know!
  • Dear friends in Christ who provide encouraging touchstones from time to time.
  • I live in a free country where I have much personal choice and opportunity.
  • My parents who provided for me in strange and wonderful ways during their lifetimes.
  • My family who are there for me in strange and wonderful ways.
  • The gifts bestowed upon me by the Lord:  creativity, writing, working with my hands, gardening, caring for others, smarts, and administration.
  • The ability to adapt.
  • Work history as an occupational therapist, a wonderful profession.
  • My entrepreneurial spirit.
  • Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degrees.
  • We gratefully own a really cool 24-foot outrigger canoe!  I drive a truck!
  • The bluebirds are back in our birdhouse this year.
  • The variegated yucca plants are going to bloom for the first time.  Looks like the blackberry bushes will produce fruit this year.  A new vegetable garden.
  • My weight has remained reasonable despite being too sick to exercise most of the time.
  • This computer, my lifeline during recovery from long term illness.
  • My role as wife and helpmate to Steve.
  • Our family practice physician and LLMD.
  • Purple.

4 thoughts on “The Gratitude List: June 11, 2013

  1. I just received confirmation that I have Lyme and am awaiting further details and clarification of what it all means in my life. I have some more tests Monday for unrelated questionable things, and I’m praying God leaves this one thing only on my plate; it’s enough in itself to get through. Blessings

    1. Dear Friend: so sorry for the diagnosis yet glad you have some direction. I hope it’s o.k. that I pray for you my dear? Do you have support where you live? I have come to value others on the same journey and there is a lot of hope out there, in the US, UK, and beyond. Take care lady, Julie

      1. Hi Julie, all prayers are welcome. As I await more tests for other things, I pray that I’m to deal with one illness only, that would be enough in itself. I have very supportive and loving people in my life and numerous churches praying for me, but more are always welcome. Blessings on your day. Belinda

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