The Perfect Moment May Never Come and That’s O.K.

(Imagine the song, Sitting on the Dock of the Bay)

Sitting in the lobby some

I’ll be sittin’ when the computer screen comes back on.

Watching the updates from home

Then I watch my life go away again . . .


Oh I’m just sittin’ at the place of grace

Watching the time go away,

Sittin here with pup at my feet

“Wasting time?”  Oh yeah again.

(First Verse)

I left my home in Huntertown

Headed for recov’ry from mold

I had nothing to hope for

Looked like nothing would come my way!

(Repeat Refrain)


Looks like everything’s gonna change!

Flooring, cleaning, meds, bills will ne’er be the same

I can’t do what 10 Facebook friends tell me to do

So I guess I’ll remain in Grace.

(Final Verse)

Sittin’ here resting my bones

And this loneliness has left me a bone

Enough hope to get me through the next day

With promise of a sunny recovery.  Oh yeah I’m just

(Repeat Refrain)

Here’s the song for reference.  One of the first I learned to play on guitar many decades ago.  Guitar?  Now there’s another story for another time . . .

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