Two Bowls, Two Knives, and a Body Brush

Sometimes it’s the little things that mean a lot.

Take my 20 ounce serving bowls from Jepson Pottery, for example.  I am happy when I can make a big salad or side dish and serve it in these substantial, artsy fired vessels.  The deep blue glaze compliments most food hues and the pottery keeps the dish a little warmer or cooler until the feasting is over.  A simple pleasure.  Sweet.

Having a sharp knife in the kitchen can make the difference between injury and expertly prepared veggies, especially when those rooted puppies are parsnips!  These are tough to cut yet soften nicely when browned in avocado oil and cooked down to almost mush with lots of salt.  A simple pleasure on a special diet.  Savory too.

And nothing wakes me up better than a gentle rub down with a stiff body brush in the shower.  Many people with chronic illness write about dry brushing and all types of lymphatic and therapeutic massage using this or that technique or device.  Just give me my natural bristle, wooden brush, will ya please?  No coffee needed to get me going for the day.  A good natural bristled brush on a long wooden handle is a simple tool to wake up the largest organ in the body.  Nice.

When estranged from my home due to mold restoration work, I find that the little things mean a lot.  The hotel room is unfamiliar, cold, and dark on these wintry days.  So I had to decide what items I should bring to my “home away from home” when the whole darn house wouldn’t fit into the 600 square feet where I must lie my head at night.  Little by little, I’ve narrowed it down to the items that make me smile in addition to my hubby, Bible, devotional book Jesus Calling, treatment journal, and stash of plantain chips.  Yes, I think that’s it:  2 bowls, 2 knives, and a back brush.

Wonder if I could sneak in a German Shepherd too?  :J

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