Maybe I don’t want to go to bed

peanutschristmascure74045_10151380532502386_87513810_nMaybe I don’t want to go to bed tonight.

If I go to bed, I might have seizure attacks and that is not fun.

If I go to bed and get up in time to do my morning treatment, I won’t have enough time to take a post-treatment nap before an appointment at noon.  Then I’ll probably want to rest after the appointment so my schedule is going to be messed up anyways.

But what if I stay up and get hungry again?  I don’t have enough protein already prepared to satisfy my hunger because this diet is just too weird.  For instance, I thought the son-of-the-owner-whose-been-cutting-meat-and-cheese-his-whole-life was going to laugh when I asked if they sold wild hog meat.  He smiled and said it was illegal to sell it in Indiana, just like it’s illegal to sell deer meat (aka venison).  Geez.  Wild hog on Amazon?  Yup, that’s what my Electrodiagnostic Naturopath told me to do.  She’s ordered alligator online before due to food allergies.  Alligator?

Is anyone else laughing in addition to me?  GEEZ!

So we had Cornish hens for Thanksgiving and I think there’s going to be a repeat menu of the little chickies for Christmas.  But for tomorrow, I’m a little stumped as to what to eat.  I guess I’m going to have to negotiate the pre-Christmas grocery store mania tomorrow after my after-appointment, post-treatment nap.  Could be fun, actually.  It will make me take a walk since I’ll have to park so far away from the store to get a parking spot!  Could be good.

Then again, maybe I will go to bed now.  Thanks for the chat.  It’s like I’m talking to Linus of the Peanuts comic strip.  And if I was talking to Snoopy, I know he’d understand too . . .  Goodnight.  :J

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