Rascally Rabbit!

Rascally Rabbit

Cooked my first rabbit roast yesterday!

No, I didn’t shoot it!  Picked it up at the local meat market when some testing showed that it’s a type of meat that might help calm my nerves, in addition to some other, higher fat foods.  Sounds like a ketogenic diet!  Maybe that’s where I’ll end up.  The seizure attacks are menacing and we’re still investigating, testing new strategies to diagnose and treat my noxious symptoms.   At least this Sunday was the best one I’ve had in 3 weeks!  Thank you Jesus.

It was weird rubbing a new, unfamiliar dead animal with a seasoning mix.  Somehow I don’t have this reaction to chicken!  After all, a chicken breast looks like the breast of a chicken.  I should be queasy but I am not.  A dead rabbit looks like a rabbit and somewhat like a dead cat.  Ewwwwww!  Just too close to our domesticated friends I guess.

The crazy part was our dog’s reaction.  Elle was on alert as soon as the package with the rabbit in it came out of the refrigerator!  I hadn’t even unwrapped it yet!  Did she know it was the (domestic) remains of the furry menacing critter she LOVES to chase at breakneck speeds through the neighborhood? Somehow, I think she did.  And I don’t mind it either because the wild rabbits eat my garden plants.  I would shoot them with a .22 if I could.  But I’m not that great a shot, yet, and it’s dangerous (and illegal) to shoot anything in a neighborhood.   I just wish she wouldn’t play with the bunny once she catches it.  Sends mixed messages you know.

After dinner I cleaned the rest of the meat off of the cooked rabbit.  It was actually very tasty:  a cross between chicken and crab meat and kind of sweet.  I understand that wild rabbit tastes different.  I’ll remember that if I’m ever in a position to eat wild rabbit.  Anyways, I gathered up the tendon and other tissue scraps and tossed them into the dog bowl of the now very attentive German Shepherd on guard.  “Dead rabbit!” was my command to her as the flesh hit the bowl.  She needs to know the delicacy of dead rabbit for when she’s standing guard in my garden.  I wonder if she got the message?

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